Tuesday, June 2

Reading books ...

I love having the chance to read so much while job hunting. In fact I've tried to increase my chances of getting the job I really want by reading marketing and communications e - books and blogs, so I can increase my knowledge.

It also helps to stay updated for interviews and to think of the kind of industry I'd love to work for.

Reading has really helped me because I cannot search for jobs all day long. Over the past 2 weeks, I've read over 6 books and I am loving trying to pick different genres. I'm also watching a lot of news, reading blogs and even following any job recommendations and advice ... I think keeping my brain alert and active will keep me sane and trying to be positive will help me find work ....

I've just finished Someone Like Me which was an incredibly funny read. I love how Miles built up the characters in his family and that although the stories themselves, seemed unbelievably real. As he says, these are tales from a borrowed childhood and this book was excellent.

I'm in the middle of reading Hopetoun Wives, which is a fictitious account of a small mining town boom and how it affects the locals. Although it is fiction, Fran Cusworth did move to a small mining town and lived there for two years so it seems like a very real book. It deals with a lot of issues regarding mining towns, the locals, the affect of money on businesses and how peoples' lives change.

And Fragile was unputdownable. Niki Shisler writes about her experiences of overcoming her alcoholism and building a life for her son, then getting married and having a daughter and then suddenly expecting twin boys.

Her book is about the fragile life. About her life falling apart in one way and coming together in another. She forms an amazing relationship with her husband and learns so much about what is precious and important to her and what is not.

This book is like an honest catharsis, Niki really seems to remember the details ands this book is an incredible book to read.

When I read books, it often helps me with my life. People struggle and fail ... they fall apart or lose someone or die. They develop hope, they learn to appreciate, they learn what is important.I love reading because sometimes it shapes my own life and values and a book like Fragile helps me learn about people overcoming their own demons and struggles.

Now it's time to apply for more jobs ...

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  1. I love books too. Nowadays I'm trying to read ebooks - let's see how it all works out. All the best with your job search :)

    Visited your other blog and loved the story of Scott!