Monday, June 15

winter contemplations ...

It's a time of contemplation for me and a time of also thinking how to do meaningful things as well as look for work.

So I've been walking with a friend, visiting my niece, budgeting, cutting down on things I don't need and taking the time to contemplate.

It's winter ... the perfect season to think and assess and clean the house, budget, read, take baths and walks and just enjoy the fact that while I am unemployed I do have some options.

I started volunteering last Wed and plan to do so every Wed til I find work and I have been applying for part time and contract jobs as well.

I make sure or am trying to make sure that I get to do some of the things I can't when I walk full time, like take an hour's walk with a friend, see my nieces and have lunch with my parents.

I'm also trying to write a short story and cutting down on all luxuries and things I seriously don't need like new boots or dvd rentals or takeaways.

Instead I'm doing the winter thing and contemplating.

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