Friday, June 12

Freezing ...

It has been so cold lately.

My hands are frozen, I am wearing gloves and a hat and want to get ear mufflers.

It's really lazy weather for me, I have been reading What About Me? which is a book about a 46 year old doctor Sue and her 14 year old daughter Frankie. The book is written in Sue's emails to her sister Ange in Australia and Frankie's diary entries. It's really funny and insightful. Sue discovers she is pregnant and Frankie is struggling to deal with being a teen. It's really good.

Am about to start What About Me Too? - the sequel and it looks really funny as well. I love the way this book is written and how different their perspectives are.

It was 14 degrees on Thurs and I went to a friend to walk her dog. We went and swam in a heated pool for 40 mins and froze on our walk home. Although it was cold, it felt great to swim and I enjoyed spending the morning with my friend. I spent the rest of the day with my sis and niece and applying for jobs.

On Wed I volunteered. I thought I better do something constructive with my time while looking for work. I volunteered at Print 35 and I had a really good and productive day. I felt humbled by the people who work there.They make the most incredible serviettes, cards and gifts - really beautiful and they work extremely hard.

Then I froze on my drive to my friend's house for pizza.

I spent all of this morning reading and looking for work and all afternoon with my friends having lunch and shopping at The Reject Shop.

It's Saturday tomorrow so I will look for work after going for a walk in the morning. I've decided that even though I am unemployed I need to find things to do, constructive things.

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