Friday, June 26

Goodbye Michael Jackson ... King of Pop

I grew up to Michael Jackson's songs.

My biggest memory of him is of Natasha and I dancing every Saturday morning to his music. We spent hours trying to copy his moves and watching him move. I had never seen anyone dance like that and I loved his music when I was 12.

We learnt to moondance and to thrust our crotches - that man could move.

Over the years Micheal Jackson has been subject to ridicule and accusations and he has had to endure a great deal of bad press. He always believed he was Peter Pan and I think he was just someone who never grew up.

I loved him the second I heard his voice in Jackson Five and my favourite songs are the soul train ones, all loud singing and amazing beat ... which made me dance.

So thank you Michael Jackson for making me dance (really badly!) and for years and years of incredible music.

Here are some articles about his death:,0,2252495.story,0,7621854.story

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