Sunday, March 8

Sunday ...

I've had one of those typical do very little weekends ...

It's been really good. I went shopping, brought house stuff,brought some books, cleaned and vacuumed. I've tidied my work clothes. I watched the DVD The Heartbreak Kid (predictable but quite funny), spoke to friends and ate coloured popcorn. I've just got home fed the bird, cleaned her cage, watered the plants and now its raining

I am about to start reading
Gigolo about an English man named 'Golden' who provides English women with company and sex. It sounds well ... like a tawdry memoir but interesting and after having read a few confessions of call girls and the blog Sleeping Around it should be interesting to read about a man's point of view.
Now's the perfect time to read, drink a coffee and to look forward to my second week of work.

I'm loving working so close to home and working with books again. There is a lot of admin and telemarketing, it is an office manager role but I also have launches to arrange and have plenty of ideas.

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