Sunday, January 4

Day of mishaps

From looking for Hemingway for 3 hours and finding him to feeling really sick and getting nausea from overeating and stress, this has been a day of mishaps.

But now I am sitting down with flat coke zero and lemons and applying for work in preparation for a lot of potential positions tomorrow. It's a good day to prepare myself to get a full time job in a creative industry and do the marketing and networking.

I plan to have a job within the next three weeks so keep your fingers crossed. I will apply everyday and possible temp at least twice a week. I also am going to start working on my own small businesses and looking at joining marketing and networking groups so my aim is to stay busy on a really tight budget.

My resolution is to add herbs to everything I eat and to be kind to others ... so I am hoping that I start this year healthy and mindful of others.

While I have been cleaning my flat and looking for work, I have been very aware of how lucky I am and how many friends I have in my life. I also have a really supportive family and this makes being kind, having compassion and looking for work easier.

I have also been looking at how to involve myself this year and give more of myself ... so I can do that be kind to others resolution. It's important to me.

Here's to a happy and wonderful new year. Full of happy and wonderful things.

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