Monday, December 1

World AIDS Day 2008

It's Monday the 1 December. It's a Monday and it's December - the weekend is over so soon AND it's nearly the end of a very long and exhausting year.

World AIDS day is important to me. In fact AIDS, AIDS babies, anti retroviruls, AIDS statistics all that is so important to me that I support RED, give to AIDS charities, buy the AIDS ribbons and wish that I could do more from here.

I'd love to work with HIV positive babies or see people actually using condoms and taking ART therapy with my encouragement. I'd love to talk to young women about safe sex. I'd love to hold someone who has lost someone to AIDS and let them know it is not a stigma, it is not a shame ... it needs to be talked about.

This according to the documentary I was watching is a pandemic. There were statistics like 1 in 3 women are HIV positive, millions and millions of people die from this. People still don't get the medicine they need. Babies are being born with the virus. Their mothers are dying and they have to support themselves. Or an elderly grand parent has to support them.

Support AIDS charities. Really. Buy a ribbon. Give some money. I will go and get some ribbons and give money I would have spent on take aways and coffees in the hope that a tiny drop will make a difference.

Sometimes I think, what can I do from here? And then I support an AIDS charity or go to a function. I even believe that talking about it, making people aware of what it must be like, believing in the fact that one day the numbers will lessen. That people will stop being born with it. That people use condoms or are not scared of boyfriends or husbands who force them to have sex with out condoms as some sort of duty.

I hope, I hope that before these 45% (I am not sure but it is high) of women infected in South Africa, whose babies die or are left orphaned or they die ... well I hope that they get some love, some medicine, some support. It is such a stigma.

Thanks to charities and the UN and people who have developed ideas to assist children and to people who give and give and give and give

and AIDS takes so many. So many people die. It is such a waste. It is such a trade for children who lose their mothers, sisters, cousins, aunts and are left orphaned and desperate.

I want to give everything I earn, everything I have to help combat AIDS. I hope and hope and hope that soon all the charities, money, medicine, support will have its effect and the numbers of HIV infected people will decrease and one day stop.

I'm going to look here and see what else I can do today.

Here is the
Avert site. Here is the RED site.

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