Friday, November 28

Friday ...

I am sitting at a desk in the office and I cannot do any of my work until the accountant who comes every three months or so leaves.

Which means that at 3 or 4pm this afternoon, I will have to enrol people into courses and answer emails and attend to what is usually about 4/5 hours of admin a day. I have to leave at 5pm.

I work at least an hour or two overtime a week and yesterday I worked 10 hours. I am exhausted. I am completely drained and I am really angry because I am wasting my time sending books to competition winners, answering basic enquiries and writing blog posts rather than doing work which means that for one day - I get to leave work early.

I am actually planning on seeing a friend who has been so busy that we have not seen each other for at least 5 months. We've spoken now and then and sent messages and it will be so good to see her and catch up.

I went out with two girls for sushi last night and had a late night. I love meeting up with people who you can sit on a bench with and talk to. We had sushi and shared edaname beans and talked about everything. Nights like that make me feel whole. I got home after 11pm, after a 10 hour day and I am now so tired.

It's Friday!

Really it really makes a difference when you work the hours I do. I am hardly ever at home and when I am I really want to luxuriate in that fact. When I get home at 8pm 4 nights a week, I tend to only go to bed long after 10pm because I want to read or bath or call some friends.

I am thinking every day how apparent it is that work has consumed me. I am not happy. I am not fulfilled or satisfied. I have to move desks for someone else which prevents me from doing my work. Everything is on the server and online - I cannot do a thing without being on that computer.

I am writing blog posts and wasting my time trying to find something to do and then I will be inundated with admin work and pressured to get out of here at a reasonable time.

Seriously there is not an ounce of value in this job for me.
I can't wait to stay longer in bed, read and give myself a beauty treatment. Then I am going to meet some friends for lunch. I have to cram some good things into the weekend so it lasts through the week.

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