Monday, September 22

whinge, bitch, complain?!

Why do we whinge? Or bitch? Or complain? Or moan incessantly?
And when I say we over there; I really mean me.

Scientifically speaking human beings are problem solvers, we whinge and moan and complain because we are inherently problem solvers and it is a form (supposedly) of working out some kind of solution.

In the past when we were Neanderthals or cave men, we had massive problems to whinge about and solve like storing food, staying warm, not eating for a few days, moving, clothes, keeping alive; but it seems now we have a different ( for me fairly easy) existence ... yet I still complain.

I do, I complain. I complain until I am heard or listened to or I find a solution to whatever it is. It's not an attractive side of my personality. I get frustrated, I feel unappreciated, I am not being listened to or I am extremely unhappy with something so I tend to go on (and on and on).

Sadly there are people in this world who never seem to complain, who face debt, a disability, a tragedy, a terrible misfortune ... who have to deal with so many more things in their daily life then I ever have to do. And they get on with life ... those people humble me. There are good people in this world far more than there are bad people in this world ... and this blog is my way of finding answers and seeking solutions.

So why do I whinge?
I think I need to look at what I am complaining about and do what is in my inherent nature ...
find a solution.

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  1. Not whinging is like riding a roller coaster without screaming, no point really...