Thursday, September 18

A quest ...

I am on a quest for value and meaning in my life ... and this is where you, mysterious reader of my blog (there has to be one at least?!) come in.

I become a miserable git during winter, I spend far too much time obsessing over my life, the meaning of life, African news and politics, eating and just getting into a fugue. I am searching for meaning, for value in my existence and would like to hear about you. What makes your life worthwhile, valuable, rewarding?

Now that spring is here, it is time for me to brush off the negativity and resentfulness also known as hibernation and sheer laziness and to take stock of life.

I am on a quest to find meaning and value. An at home internet connection? More time with my sister and my gorgeous niece? Volunteer work with my dad? A monthly book swap with my friends? Exercise ... I have a pool now and swimming is meant to be toning?

I have ticked off my first invite for my book swap happening next month and now I am looking at all the other things that give this life, our lives value. The usual ones are time with friends and family, embracing spontaneity, baby sitting, having a pet or volunteering to walk one (that's next on my list) ...
But I am actually looking for something more worthwhile so one day I can look back at my life and say that it had worth and value and meaning ... for me. And make me happy, alive, easier to be around. Trust me I have been going through a rough patch and it's turning me into someone I am not proud of.

I'd like to hear from you. I'd like to hear about your lives and your days.

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  1. Great post love! Very timely too, I've had a couple of friends pondering how to make their life mean more.
    Lots of little things make up a meaningful life for sure: I had a superdark few months a long time ago with few friends, a broken heart, no job and waning cash. Looking back on it now, I can see the major differences in my lifestyle between then and now that make me happier. Working, engaging with other people, feeling like you're important and contributing to the world seem to be big factors. I think connecting with other people is so precious, to stimulate yourself and feel close to others. But as for a specific quest? Someone I know wants to fund giving sight to 200 people with partial blindness in Africa - mind you, she figured that out at 50.
    Interesting topic!