Wednesday, September 24

One of the best movies I've seen in a while

I went to see In Bruges last night not really knowing what to expect and being extremely pleasantly surprised. It was brilliant! Ralph Fiennes was hysterical - hysterical ... I only see him play really bland quiet sort of characters and in this he just made everyone laugh.
There were serious tones to the movie. There was dark humour, a sadness about the 2 lead characters, not to mention the girl Colin meets but the movie felt real.
People blunder and mess up ... even hit men and this movie was a bit bizarre, violent and extremely odd - it made me laugh out loud.
It was clever, witty, odd and extremely funny and well written.

Go see this and let me know if you thought as highly of it?


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed it, although it was a lot darker than I expected. Colin Farrell was too handsome for the role though. They needed a gangly youth, unsure of himself. Colin is wayy too much of a stud for that role *sigh*.

    The American tourists bit was a scream.