Monday, September 29

No power...

Today I get to work on time, open the emails, start working and click (I thought it should be a whoosh or a bham) the power went out and stayed out for hours. Eventually I left to go to the city which takes about 5-10 mins, got into an internet cafe, logged in and got a message the power was back on.
So made my way back to work - sheesh.
I did spending the morning drinking tea and reading a magazine in the sun though - so that was great. But would have rather gone shopping or ordered groceries online or come to work later.
I read a book in a single day over the weekend ok it was chick lit but really good it was called Gods Behaving Badly, had a great lunch, went to the beach and hang around Bondi, watched Ira & Abby, slept in, cleaned the entire flat and got plenty of sun ... it was actually really good, productive and felt great!
I even got Hemingway to follow me down to the pool, I was very impressed, that's the furthest he has been around the building because he usually stays close by!
I just don't feel like working even though it is miserable out.

Tonight I have a dinner with the family so it is going to be a rush and clean as the flat is, I need to clean out the fridge and get groceries (next weekend?)
I plan to meet friends this long weekend, get out in the sun and enjoy having an extra day off next Monday ... hopefully it will be sunny!

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