Thursday, August 14

gah ...

Ever had a week which feels like gah?! Well this one does.
It's still freezing here in Sydney. I mean ice cold hands, rushing around the house screaming aaarrgghh in the mornings and wearing layers and layers of clothes. I have to say though that I am loving my boots and thick socks.
It's been a gah week, I've been doing far too much admin which makes me resentful. I am not the quietly filing type, the enter data type. I get distracted. I hear something or read something or have the urge to Google something and it takes me even longer to do the data base, admin stuff which bores me senseless.
I love coming up with ideas for blogs and micro blogging on Twitter and reading about bloggers who get deals or something happening in the book/publishing world. I love the marketing and social stuff that thankfully I get to do occasionally - but gah, I'm not an admin girl.
It's too mindless and mundane for me.
I'm always making lists to do exercise, to go out more and to spend more time with family and happily i am achieving those. I've walked more, I've had dinner out with friends and I've seen my family more over the last few weeks, I'm cramming things in.
But gah.
And then today something wonderful happened. I got to meet Dr Karl this morning with my work colleague. We sat in two of his live radio chats and listened to him answer questions about a kitten weeing on a man's clean clothes, a man who has a phobia of the dark, a man asking about whether lighting a flame in the toilet makes the smell go away, why swimmers get sick and even a question about biological brothers. It was a great morning meeting a warm and intelligent man and listening to him answer questions about invisibility cloaks and mould and sex, swimming, microwaves, the galaxy and this is his job. His life is science and he writes books, speaks to people and well seems to be constantly learning and involved.
It made my week, no actually my month of being cold and slogging to and from work
absolutely worthwhile.
My aim is to meet people who keep me inspired and to keep myself interested and inspired.

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