Wednesday, April 2

days later ...

This went from a daily shop blog to an Oh No I'm unemployed to an I'm too busy job hunting or interviewing or vegging to actually post a blog ... to I'm working and writing a couple of days a week. It's been quite a week! I've spent the weekend packing up 5 shelves and 3 boxes, furniture shopping and vegging out which I always make a habit of. On Monday I cleaned and threw piles of old papers and stuff I have collected out and since then I've been working and getting home after 7pm.
I sat by the harbour on my lunch break today and watched the water, the joggers and the teens hanging out on the steps ... it was wonderful.
And now I am working on a newsletter, comparing other newsletters, trying to find interesting posts and tagging.
So days later and too many days after i promised to post more regularly; my brain is so busy and my mind is full of ideas. I still need to pack, arrange a dinner with friends, throw out even more rubbish and to attend a course. It has all been very exciting!

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