Thursday, April 10

crazy busy

In 8 days so much has happened.
My sister is about to have a baby in the UK and I had to find her neutral presents because we don't know if it is a girl or a boy yet. I can't wait to hear!
I am going to be moving in a month and have so many books - I think I'm going to have to organise a garage sale. Then there is packing, fixing, cleaning and sorting which luckily I will have the chance to do some more tomorrow.
I met up with a friend for lunch yesterday who I hadn't seen in an extremely long time and we went to a local pub to get something to fill her up. We ordered two hamburgers with shoestring fries and accompanying salads. It was delicious and wonderful to see her and to chat and catch up. Until I found a dead snail in my salad! After showing the cooks and getting a refund and a free bottle of pinot noir which we had to give away because I couldn't drink in the middle of my working day - we realised that we had both laughed and really enjoyed our brief lunch.
I always get stuck on this work life balance thing and it seems like companies are following a bit of a trend. I have seen so many job ads which offer a work life balance and include other benefits like no overt time, massages, access to a gym, among other things.
I have been thinking about this a lot. I went to not working at all for three months and doing some temping to working 4 days a week. It's getting dark and I am eating more but not exercising and getting home pretty late. I need to start exercising ... really I saw an ad for boxercise near my work and I may get access to a treadmill near work.
Once more I need to balance my work life with my family, friends, home and day off life and I have concluded that I have finally found a line of work I love to do and I seem to have benefited immensely. I even started thinking of stories and writing fiction again.
I am going away soon, having dinner with a friend later, packing and sorting on the weekend ... it's just finding some miraculous way of getting myself to exercise.
I have decided to become a (RED) girl. I have been looking at Nanos and decided I'll buy the (RED) one which will benefit Africa.
I think it's a great way for consumers like me who want to give more and want to be 'involved' with Africa - this goes towards AIDS - to give a little back while enjoying whatever they have purchased. In my heart I am essentially South African and one day, someday soon I will do something with AIDS. In the meantime I'll support (PRODUCT) RED

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