Tuesday, September 18

there seems to be so much time...

In the past week I have applied for over 30 jobs - 6 rejection letters so far!, read 5/6 books, surfed facebook, placed ads to sell the book shop, changed site names, passwords, paid bills, met up with friends, seen family - done hundreds of things - really...and it all seems like it is going by so slowly...
I have been searching for creative positions like marketing and promoting but would love a job at Borders (hint, hint!) or at Bondi Beach in a clothes shop or something casual but challenging.
I have been reading a book called Fat - which Rob Grant researched very well; but I didn't like the actual book just the facts about salt and obesity, body mass index and a concept of a nanny state; like we have a nanny telling us to apply sunscreen and what to eat and not eat. It was very interesting!
Now I am reading Trick or Treat - Kerry Greenwood the third in her Corinna Chapman series about a baker/detective and it is really enjoyable.
I've paid bills, bought clothes, cleaned the flat, am sorting out the shop, applying for work and when i look up; it seems like time has not passed.
I have jobs to apply for, books to sort, a great book to read, people to see and maybe a walk ahead and plenty of time for it all (apparently!)

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