Monday, May 7

new things...

So much has happened lately...where do I begin?
I went on a carb insulin exchange programme and improved my eating - in fact my diabetes is improving, I'm not going low, I'm not as tired and I am eating healthier meals; I've changed books in the shop, met with people to get more ideas in and started having a 6 day week (sigh) while my Pops is away and realising how much help and support I get from him and how much it sucks quite frankly to work so much and only have Sundays off.
I've had flu all week, lots of sleep, lots of coughing and lost a bit of weight and I've had two friends who gave me Bach rescue remedy - my new closest friend and a book Men are from Mars...Women are From Venus to teach me how to communicate more effectively rather than going off/going quiet/going in circles - which I do quite badly. I've been so stressed and sick and moody and just a major grinch lately that I need to read, take rescue remedy, calm down and just chill! It's been a hard, long weekend and frankly it's been tough having to look at myself, work, the shop, my family and friends and go enough - sort yourself out already!
I spend this morning cleaning the shop, putting out books for Mother's Day, putting out and pricing all the books and spent yesterday afternoon after a big think and read just chilling and allowing myself to de stress.
The more I think about it; the more I am actually coming to terms with what I need to do to make things work. And thanks to good friends, close sisters and rescue remedy...I think that all these new things are teaching me something one step at a time.

So the shop is getting a make over and so am I ...

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  1. damnit! I miss Mother's Day cause in the UK it's already been.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better and looking after yourself.

    S. x