Friday, May 4

it's already the first week of May...

I know you all obviously know that! It's just that so much has been happening that I just haven't blogged or emailed much or seen my friends.
I've been sick with flu and I'm on antioxidants which don't seem to have any affect - so I have been in bed most nights at 8pm! Sad
A friend of mine just had a baby and another friend of mine is about to - so I have been communicating with them by sending messages and cards; a year or so ago it was all weddings - now it's the next step.
My rents are away so am feeling much more tired without Pop's help in the shop - it's a 6 day week for me at the moment and it feels so long even though it has been going so quickly.
A friend of mine is having a huge garage sale this weekend and I cleaned out the back of the shop and organised books into boxes to sell cheaply at the sale.
That's 4 large boxes crammed with old books - I was so glad to get rid of them but so tired after the sorting.
I've been to a fair and bought books and have been buying books for the shop all week - there are a lot of empty spaces to full but not much money for purchases - a bit of a Catch 22.
Mother's Day is coming up (get the cards, flowers and lunches ready!) so I am planning on organising flowers here over the week and displaying all mothery sort of books in the window - should be fun! :)
It's been a few weeks of thinking and trying to organise my brain into separating work with personal issues and dealing with both. I have friends and family which I cram into my one day off and frankly I've been either moody or vague lately and therefore not the most pleasant of company! Plus I have the tendency to snap or misinterpret or am being highly sensitive to EVERYTHING including customers and shop stuff...partly the flu and mostly just me - figuring things out! How does everyone else respond to tiredness and stress?

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  1. "How does everyone else respond to tiredness and stress?"

    I simply cry.