Saturday, October 28

scared of chickens...

I have just had a boy in here who practically hid under the desk when I was showing him a book called Market Day - he screamed and tried to hide(unsuccessfully) His dad told me he is scared of chickens. Hmmm
I overslept this morning and missed breakfast with a friend of mine - I felt terrible - she got up early and came to meet me and I was still sleeping... I have Hemingway as a 7am wake up alarm clock - but he has been waking me at 5am lately and I seem to sleep through everything. I think I need a better system.
I have been sitting here reading girly fiction, I fed my morning dog and I patted a puppy but it has been a slow day. I did start off the day with a salmon and spinach brioche and a large coffee and I have been reading and scaring away children...but I would love some people in here asking silly questions and pottering about!
Looks like my wish has just been granted; a lady has just asked me if it was a second hand book shop. Eeeerrr yes! Hence the sign on the window display in white bold letters - Books on Bronte second hand book shop. Does that mean you do not have new books?! Bring on the silly questions!
The sign is changing anyway; nobody reads it and people ask silly questions regardless :)
Having just finished The Wish List which was very sweet; a bit kooky and unrealistic, the friends all seemed complete opposites of each other to the point that I couldn't understand HOW they could be friends.
I have now picked up Emily Barr's OutOfMyDepth; another girly fiction as well as carrying on reading Stuart - a life backwards. It's just too nice a day to read something as hard and confrontational as the book about Stuart without my comfort genre!
I managed to do some accounting yesterday; it took me hours to work it out and enter it correctly and balance it - only made one mistake - I am very pleased I think at 30 I SHOULD do my own accounting - I am far too dependant.
After lunch; I need to find the energy to hammer more display tags on book shelves so I can get out the rest of these toys...

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