Monday, October 30

Monday morning...

It's been one exhausting Monday morning! I was sick in bed and in front of the TV with DVDS all day yesterday; but after a few beroccas and orange juices, panadols, veggies and water I managed to get to work this morning with just a slight rush to the head every time I stand up!
But ever since I have been here; it's been a crazy morning! I priced all the rest of the kids toys and put them out as decoratively and attractively as I could, I moved four shelves of books and moved things around, I packed a bag full of books from my bookshelves this morning to put out here later and I received three boxes of fairly good books free from a customer.
As you guys can see from the slide of pics which are up; the shelves have been moved, the stationery is in, there are 4 shelves of toys now, the card rack is full of lovely cards and I have a headache!
I still have about 5 loads of books to go, but I don't think feeling sick with a bit of a cold and lifting things and moving things is the best idea; at one point I felt really dizzy and was about to sit down - but have had phone calls regarding a book today (which I have three copies of - yay!) and someone wanting to know exactly when a travel guide was published! I am not sure why Lonely Planet guides have dates on only some of them and edition numbers on others; it's very confusing!
I have a Pink Ribbon Breakfast at 7:30 am tomorrow morning, I am not sure how I am going to be up for that one and still have all the books and pricing now...
More pics to come on that slide thing... the shop looks great doesn't it?! :)

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