Friday, September 29

joined my space

It's all about promoting and marketing isn't it?
I am not saying that blogging is going to get all of you pouring into the shop; but it is cheaper than advertising and gets the interest up! Judging from the current trends; online newspapers, charities, companies and individuals have blogs - yep it's partly narcissistic and a desire to be heard but it's also becoming an excellent business and marketing tool! Go on search for anything and you'll find some award winning promotional blogs like the ones that fire departments or police station have which raise community/crime awareness or businesses which update their software or business cards or ideas...
We're all becoming closer and closer; we can see other peoples' streets or schools or neighbourhoods via Google Earth or we can email companies for consults or ideas across in the world and it just sounds dangerous doesn't it?
Slate's homepage has a link to daily blogs written by lawyers, columnists, pathologists etc who all blogging on whatever is happening in the world and from blogs we can get any information on anything! I read an article that it's easy to find names/addresses etc on blogs and in the US there have been murders as a result by jealous exes or teenagers who are 'fans' of the boys who killed the school children in Columbine.
So it's back to following the trends and see which ideas I can incorporate into the shop; I have two blogs, a stat tracker, an updated website, book suppliers, local regulars, bookmarks and business cards, my fellow shop keepers and shop dinners, networking events and ideas, marketing tools and ideas free on the web (Wufoo is good!), business links, free business courses and the latest trends from Forbes ( one of my favourites), all kinds of blogs and ideas from Slate and my regular coffee from a local cafe... it's all about learning isn't it?

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