Tuesday, August 8


An hour ago I wrote this morning's post and it seemed to have disappeared!
I am having such a nice day! It's sunny and people are very cheery! I have had two customers in and bought books and later on within half an hour of each other - they came back and bought more!
I have been chatting with a few locals and one of them gave me a punnet of huge strawberries, I have read to the sweetest two year old boy and chatted to identical twin girls.
I did intend to get up and did in fact wake up early to go to a fortnightly talk which I started to attend in mid June, but I was tired and needed more sleep which made Hemingway happy. He lay on me purring, I ate a yummy brekky, toast with tuna dip and cheese with a boost wildberry skinny juice - nice start.
I spent the entire morning cleaning and pricing and putting out books with a sticky residue remover called oomph - which I am addicted to! I love it, it's so much easier than using my fingers and nails to remove price stickers and sales stickers off books which are impossible to remove otherwise!
So far 4 of those books got sold and in an hour of opening the shop this morning, I made more sales and had more customers than all day yesterday!
I found a cheap book which looks interesting about a man's obsession with his face called TheGrimace which is reviewed as a horror novel with medical and psychological references! I think I'll give it to a friend.
I am about to start reading TheTwelfthCard a brand new book, which a great couple swapped me for some of my crime fiction, he bought it at the airport and is already finished! I have heard Jeffrey Deaver is excellent and it's for my challenge!
I had my fix of Grey's last night which focused on crossing the line and how people feel compelled to cross a line if there is one drawn. I also interpreted it as a reaction people get whether someone crosses their own personal line intentionally or unintentionally, because it's the reaction to it. In Grey's it was about her mother's loneliness and future death and how she had kept it in all the time, until she accidentally crossed someone elses' line and realised the impact! Teary stuff.
I actually spent most of the day and night in intense random discussions - so no wonder I was so tired this morning!

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