Tuesday, August 1

meetings, lunches, dinners, friends

How do you fit everything in? I work all day, took off for a meeting this morn - so Pops came to watch the shop, had dinner with a good friend last night and met some lovely girls and am organising this social lunch this Sun, going to organise a movie on Sun night and arranging shops to have dinner tomorrow night. I also want to see family more, exercise, eat healthily and have one rest night but I either cancel on someone or let someone down or miss out on some me time! Is it always like this? What do you guys do to keep the balance and ensure that you fit it all in?!
My friend had an accident and stayed at me two weekend ago, is coming again tonight to stay for a few days before moving into her flat, I need to spend time with my parents and have dinner with my fam and fit all the work stuff in!
Luckily though - things have slowed a bit, the ad is done, the dinner invites are out and I am sure we are going to start planning something else!
My shop looks full and great and we have a lot of excellent books for sale - we have mainly bought in the best sellers like self help, crime, pregnancy, fiction and quirky small books and humourous pet books! All of these sell as soon as they are put out! :)
I just had a women ask me to recommend her books and bought all the ones I placed in her arms. It seems that will be my selling technique, my personal choosing, recommendation and advice which I said on my website! I love recommending them!
So far I have sold some chick lit, some dictionaries and some classics...

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