Sunday, April 11

Looking for clients ...

I am advertising for clients so I can do all your social media marketing.

I can advise you on networking options and functions, arrange events, write and upload content, create profiles and information on social media sites, submit updates, assist with other marketing and help you build your social status for your business both on and off line.

While advertising for clients and searching for work options, I am looking for a graphic designer to design a logo for me and help me build a website. I about to start attending networking lunches and events to market my business and attract more business.

I have spent the week and weekend making and posting adverts on sites in Sydney, emailing potential customers and building my own profile. In my experience, being active on the internet and making yourself the voice of a business and building a community and network around your industry; really helps to market a business.

I am studying Marketing and assisting people to market their business on a voluntary basis. I have been a consultant for 6 years now. I'd love this to become my full time career.

If you would like to build up your social media and increase your business status both on and off line contact me.

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