Tuesday, March 30

Books ...

Books and jobs.

Applying and volunteering.

It's been almost 6 weeks since I fractured/tore my foot and I have been hobbling while attempting to do casual work.

I have spent so much time job hunting and reading books while hoping for full time work. I can't rely on hope so I have been studying at Tafe while assisting someone with marketing and attempting to do assignments.

I am reading memoirs and fiction, chick lit and anonymous books about pop stars, weddings, crimes and people searching for jobs and meaning. I have been reading about depression and love.

I have been reading so much that I think the message is, get out more, apply for more jobs and excel in my marketing assignments.

I will get the job I want, the career I am after. This including the broken foot is a glitch, a long glitch.

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  1. Hello Ebbye, I am sorry to here about your foot fracture. Volunteering is a good choice while searching for the job you want. All my best wishes with you. Take care and get well soon.