Friday, July 3

In a moment ...

I've been reading and reading.

It seems that most of the books I have been choosing have been about choosing. About meeting someone and making choices. Or trying to figure their lives out.

It's interesting that all the books I have been reading and choosing are simply about moments. And relationships.

Like Perfect Day which is all about one day. A couple who are no longer sure about each other and in one day have to choose what they want from each other and their lives.

And The Make Up Girl who has to decide how to pull her own life together and stop living in her fantasy world and has to stop lying to everyone around her.

Or Vintage Alice which is about Alice deciding what she wants and what she is willing to leave behind.

Even though this are all light books and are very chick lit, the lead characters are all introspective and are looking for some kind of clarity and meaning in their lives. I picked these off the shelves because I am looking for clarity and meaning in my life. While job hunting. And trying to put my life into perspective.

It seems to be that our lives are made up of moments.

And that in a moment everything can change. Things can become clear and that the decisions we make are based on moments. It's easier for me to read it in a book.

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  1. Our choices define us, shape us and ultimately link us to our truer identity and made wisely, can influence and enrich our lives. Writing my second book, Since I was a Princess, allowed me to reflect and consolidate what was truly important. I realised that I made a concious decision to turn a negative into a positive and not crawl into a corner and die following the kidnap of my children. My life and I survived because I turned outwards and became an aid worker in war zones. I gave and yet I recieved so much more. I really agree with your post - thank you! J