Tuesday, April 28

Zuma, death and early nights

Zuma is the president of South Africa. He and should I say the ANC won a landslide victory and we now have a leader who I don't think will lead South Africa.

I think he is corrupt. I think he does not care about one the biggest issues facing South Africans, AIDS. There is extreme poverty, rape, hijackings and murder ... Johannesburg has one of the worst crime statistics outside of a war zone, a rape or a murder every few seconds. There are no harsh jail sentences. Men get away with raping babies. there is no death penalty. There is no zero tolerance.

AIDS is not being addressed. South Africans need anti retroviruls, they need a health minister who will teach people to use condoms, to have safe and protected sex, to take precautions.

There are basic needs, basic human needs and I don't think that Zuma is the man to lead, to govern, to make the changes.

This week someone important in my family and to my family passed away and I have been going to bed earlier and earlier, partly cold, partly thinking about everything and partly sad.

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  1. bit worried about this too. Maybe Mandela should have stayed clear of this one. It might tarnish his reputation if Zuma ends up being as incompetent and corrupt as many suspect he is.