Monday, October 20

It's Monday

I am a little burnt today after spending most of my time in the sun, watching movies in bed, playing with and baby sitting my nieces, eating 2 massive breakfasts and visiting a market on Sunday, pure pure heaven!
It really was absolutely heavenly, relaxing, fun, I read, watched about 5 or 6 movies (in bed) and got to spend some real quality time with my nieces.

So I am a little sore today and feel a little tired even though I spent all of Saturday on the beach ...
I cannot wait til I get a longer holiday and do all the things I love and get to sleep in.

Now it's time for work.

I am reading up on book news, tracking authors (in other words watching to see who has published, what, where and when), I am also enrolling people, responding to emails, but really I love the marketing side.
I love researching and resourcing information.
I love making Tweets, blog posts and finding out interesting and relevant book news. I think I am leaning more towards research and communication here ... could social networking and social resourcing be a career for me?
I certainly hope so.

I have admin to do, emails to answer and water to drink. I also have a burnt foot, a burnt side of one leg and strangely half burnt arms which are all feeling a bit tender. And slightly itchy.

What have I learnt this morning?

That a lot of authors who have websites, some you can subscribe to and follow their news that way. Think My Space and Facebook, join groups, post comments, follow the updates and add/make friends.
And there are literary agents websites and publishing houses with book news so if you want to be informed (which I really seem to love ) then think Curtis Brown and Random House UK and read blogs, follow authors you love, you can track authors with HarperCollins ...

it really does feel good when learning is so interactive.

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