Wednesday, April 11

x..[scяєαм ιт]..x
Lani, Lani Banani, Lanushka, La La, Lan, Ebbye, E

x..[вℓσωи συт]..x
31 candles

x..[ƒєℓℓ ƒяσм ђєαvєи]..x
13th Feb

x..[sєєs тђяσυgђ]..x
blue eyes

x..[вяusђєs вα¢k]..x
constantly changing red hair

x..[gιƒтє∂ ωιтђ]..x
2 sisters, 1 fantastic cat, great apartment, a handful of really close friends and an insatiable curiosity

x..[sтαя sιgи]..x

x..[є∂u¢αтє∂ αт]..x
school back in South Africa

Australian and South African

books, coffee, people watching, Bondi, computers, chatting (aka gossip) emails and sms(s), my new niece, walks, animals,vegging out, Grey's Anatomy, doing unusual things every now & then, venting, being alone

housework, grocery shopping, getting up on Sunday mornings, anger, fake people, gold diggers,scary movies, drugs, too much alchohol...I could go on forever

have a handful of close friends who I really love

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