Tuesday, April 24

public holiday...

I love April; there are so many public holidays!
Everyone is planning parties and lunches around me and we're all hoping that the rain stops!
It's been raining for two days - arrggghhh - and its all been grey and miserable.
I bought books and have put books out all day yesterday and today I am chatting to a little girl who is pushing chairs around the shop and pulling books out (annoying!)
Aside from going on facebook, reading and watching the online news and reading this fantastic book called Casting Couch Confidential with stories or horror stories rather about models experiences in the industry. Read this; it's intriguing and quite scary when you picture 12 or 13 year old girls drinking, having sex and taking coke because they want to be on a cover of a magazine and get exploited by photographers, agents etc.
But aside from doing all these time wasting things; I'm looking at new stock, bringing in books, going to a sale and planning on going to a big book fair.
Just a few more hours til the public holiday! I am going to push back the chairs, sort out the books and carry on reading about this naive 'glamorous' industry...

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