Friday, March 30


is all the things I want to do and need to do.
I'm struggling with the exercising part, but am eating properly, taking vitamins, getting plenty of sleep... and coming up with business ideas like bags, recycled stationery, launches, parties and promotions - I want to do it all!
Then there's the social life next, I want to do more funky arty things with a friend of mine, go for walks and coffee because I am a bit over the pub scene and the talking rubbish scene. I want to embrace more of the arty, trendy hip world and I want it to wash over me and affect my business.
I have been sourcing ideas for the past couple of weeks during my sleeping sickness lite and have been talking to artists, musicians, hip and trendy people and am liking the idea of recycled stationery more and more. And book ramps from publishing houses! And bright, big, coloured shelves and books to attract people in; like they have in toy shops! Fun!
So next is a walk over the weekend, a visit to some arty things, a coffee and more sourcing for ideas.
Oh and I am reading a really strange book TheCompany which is novel based on historical events and it is a bit well confusing and scary but intriguing and weird. It's all about a man who is an apothecary (one of my dream jobs!) on a ship and it's based on murders and the mayhem that presumably takes place on ships at that time.

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