Monday, February 26

monday mornings...

It's all too fast; if I go out all of Sat night and Sunday and I mean cram in dinner, meeting friends, breakfast, this rainy Sunday a movie - Hotel Rwanda - then a birthday lunch in a pub in the North; had to drive in the rain and it was freezing - I had a yummy Sunday roast, turkey, roast potatoes and veggies - mmm, then another movie - My Super Ex Girlfriend in the afternoon, vegged, watched Greys and went to meet some friends afterwards for a bit and I just feel like I need another about 6 weeks of this before it's Monday again and the alarm is ringing and Hemingway is on my bed asking for food.
Now I am in the shop. I have read to two kids, found a book for someone over the phone, responded to emails, enquiries, orders, requests, had emails from friends regarding more birthdays, parties etc and I have even done some marketing, promoting, cleaning and tidying and it's grey, rainy and I want to either be in a cinema with popcorn and my feet up, at home with diet hot chocolate and DVDs or hmmm...

I have to think of what I am going to do this week shop wise and productive wise this week:

- first thing exercise at least twice - take bets because I fail to get motivated!

- get better stock - stationery, supplies, maybe a few funky unusual related to the shop things

- fiction, children's and baby books need to be filled

- have to carry on promoting the author and finding new activities in the shop

- find something new and exciting to do and start working on it

- carry on eating healthily

In the meantime I have a shelf that needs tidying, a book to read and ideas in my head...

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  1. Isn't it funny? This could have nearly been MY blog post today too! Only I didn't get to see Super X-Girlfriend yet. But, I'm making plans for new stationery designs, and we ate a roasted chicken instead of the turkey!

    Have a great Monday,