Friday, December 22

unusual books as Christmas gifts...

Time is running out; there are only three days left!
I know this because the radio has been announcing it, the TV is full of ads saying quick, last minute, hurry and even the banks are open later! Sigh! I'll be pleased when it all calms down a bit!
I know it's a little late so apart from coming to my shop this weekend and spending big on pressies, bags, journals and hundreds of books you could also try thegoodbookguide!
Every post I tried to write apart from these two has just got lost in cyber space somewhere; I have basically been complaining about moving stock around all week, having people ask for books that have just came out as movies like Charlotte's Web and Running with Scissors but I have also enjoyed sitting and watching the shop do so well over this fortnight and have enjoyed helping people choose books and pressies!
Can you believe it's nearly the end of the year?!

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