Saturday, December 23

closing for the holidays!

soon! Ok so it's just this Mon and Tues and open the rest of the week, closed on Mon and then back on Tues sigh - so three days but still!
Pops and I have been here all day, helping an American choose Aussie books, selling journals, giving kids crackers from the Christmas window display and serving, smiling etc.
I'm getting ready to close...

I have been reading A Father's Affair which is really good and have been going around the shop choosing girly fiction for the next few days, I stocked my house so I could avoid the crazy last minute desperate shopping panic and grab and have organised a Boxing Day lunch on Tues.
The shop has been incredible and the last two weeks have been amazing and worthwhile - we have sold consistently and constantly and most of the stuff that I ordered in is gone! Looking around now; I'll have to restock when I get back after New year's and come up with new ideas and plans - I am anticipating getting more toys, quirky books and fun stuff in and slowing making this shop's POS (point of sale) a little quirky and will be concentrating on better gift items like the toys, stationery, small gifts and unusual/quirky items like the bags, phone chains, my friend has offered to hand make some bookmarks and I am thinking of doing something completely different next year but still have to speak to loads of people and suppliers before I can blog it on here!
So until Wed; I'll be relaxing, reading, lunching, wandering around Bondi, feeding my and my sis's cats, meeting new people and just vegging at home - hopefully Wed will take ages and ages - I want to be on holiday!

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  1. Hope you had a wonderfully bookish holiday!