Friday, October 20

win a book...

What is it about the $1 books?! There are 3 signs, one above the box and two on the box with the words $1 books printed in black on them! So what's with people asking if these are REALLY $1 books and if someone takes two books out the box and asks me how much they are - how am I supposed to respond?!
I am thinking of covering the ENTIRE box with $1 books and maybe making a sign suspended from the ceiling proclaiming Yes! These books are REALLY a dollar! Sheesh stop asking me stupid questions about the $1 books! (aaa that's better!)
I have been to pick up my medicine and pay for it, bought a coffee from my favourite cafe and swept the shop before being asked about the books! I also had someone take cards from the free Avanti card rack and ask me if they REALLY are free?!

Can you email me with original responses?!
The best response wins a book from me!
Please include your email address so I can contact you and send the book!
By end of October!

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